Established in 1971

Its founder, Babu Khalfan started from humble beginnings as a sign painter,
he turned S+D into one of the leading high-end architectural signage and
graphics manufacturers and fabricators in the USA.

S+D clients and projects include international corporations, governmental
agencies, and real estate developers such as: World Trade Center (NYC),
JFK International Airport (NYC), Bank of America Tower (NYC) and so on.

About the signage and graphics industry

Signage and Graphics is an amalgam of a host of state-of-the-art technologies and industrial processes ranging from environmental graphic design to metal fabrications, light installations etc. There is a wide range of plans, designs and laws created for the signage and graphics industry and SGI India would be the first to put together a curriculum following international standards for this.

Quick Industry Facts & How SGI India Can Help

Signage and graphics is a multi-billion dollar industry in the US. Every industry, business and institution need signage and graphics.
There are over 40 different technologies and processes used in the production, fabrication, manufacturing, and installation of signage and graphics.

We will develop a comprehensive curriculum that teaches sign fabrication through installation reflective of international standards such as U.S. and Europe.
SGI India will provide governmental agencies, organizations, corporations, real estate developers, property owners, financial institutions, hotels, hospitals, medical centers, airports, public transportation centers, architects and graphic designers with the sign industry.

The signage and graphics industry would cover 7 main categories: Electronic, Roadway & Highway, Advertising billboard, Architectural, Retail, Standardized signs and Personalized plaques.
SGI India will bridge American and Indian industries opening avenues for hundreds of products manufactured in India..

SGI India would be the international meeting place for all the think tank and architects, designers, students and buyers of signage and graphics.
SGI India will provide training for foreign students, businessman and individuals who want to enter the signage and graphics industry.


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