Mission Statement

SGI India will be known throughout the world for providing educational and practical training for students who want to become signage and graphics industry professionals and entrepreneurs.

State-of-the-art training facility

To educate students in all phases of the signage and graphics industry, SGI India will also encourage local communities and businesses to participate in our mission.​

Located in Mumbai

SGI India will be the largest signage and graphics manufacturing and distribution center for domestic and international trade.​

Why Mumbai?

  • SGI india is located in Mumbai, the financial and industrial capital of india and the largest megacity in the region.

  • With a population of over 18 million people, Mumbai is the fourth most populous city in the world with more than 33% of its population under 25 years old.

  • This sector of Mumbai's population is fluent in English and well educated in mathematics, the sciences, and information technologies.

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